2016: The Year of the Zettabyte

So, just in case you didn’t get the memo that data is growing exponentially, XO Communications published this neat infographic to make it crystal clear. I like to hang up a new infographic at my desk every week or so; this one wins the prize for this week.

Remember when a terabyte was a big deal? According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, the data transferred annually by the internet will surpass a zettabyte. 

To put that in perspective, 1 ZB = 1000000000000000000000 bytes.

Obviously the demand for storage devices and cloud technology will continue to rise; something we are all acutely aware of here at Seagate.

A couple of other fun facts pulled from the infographic below:

  • 1 ZB would cover War And Peace 323 TRILLION times
  • 1 ZB will store 2 BILLION years of music (that should be enough to get you through the work day, right?)



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